We're very happy to have this musical child with us on our bill for the upcoming Spectakulo Festival.
Fernando will be playing on Friday 4th of September at our very own stage at the Festival. Accompanied by Makcim from Raum Musik, Julian Bomm from Rheinrhythmik and many others.

Here's some info about him:

Posted on 26/08/2015

Since the summer of 2011, Julian Bomm is a Resident and integral part of the rheinrhythmik crew. With his pleasant manner and his own style, the Dortmund born DJ has quickly won the heart of Cologne and has become one of the most talented DJs in the city.
He is well known for his deep, dubby, straight and bassline-driven sets. It is not surprising that he enjoys prestige bookings in top clubs like KaterHolzig, Club der Visionaere or Chalet in Berlin, followed by performances in London, Amsterdam, Austria and Switzerland.

Posted on 19/08/2015

A while ago we recieved one of Taret's mixtapes and we were so blown away by his unique sound, that we had to meet this guy in person. After having the most fantastic first chat in a little bar in Brussels, we knew this was going to be something lovely. Born in the South of France and lived in cities as Marseille, Paris and Berlin, Remy moved to Brussels a couple years ago. This is a perfect example of how our little Circo Inferno philosophy works. Good music that is played by lovely people who become instant friends.

Posted on 14/08/2015
Niclas & Schmeck, Circo Inferno, Nachtisch

Looking outside the window and the only thing we see is a sad, cold landscape. Hungry for those lovely summer times, where being outside is all we want. Dancing and drinking in the sun, listening to musical stories told by the Dj's & producer we all adore.

Posted on 30/01/2015

After more than 1 year we are back with a new Circo Inferno Podcast.
For this 11th episode, the resident DJs of the already legendary Down_Under parties in Silo & Fuse did what they love most, playing a vinyl set!

Enjoy this deep & dubby mix by Andreas & Jelte aka Dezz Terquez!

Listen it here:

Posted on 07/08/2014