Circo Inferno Podcast 012 - Niclas & Schmeck

Niclas & Schmeck, Circo Inferno, Nachtisch

Looking outside the window and the only thing we see is a sad, cold landscape. Hungry for those lovely summer times, where being outside is all we want. Dancing and drinking in the sun, listening to musical stories told by the Dj's & producer we all adore.

In those times, about two years ago, we've met some lovely German people in Barcelona during the Off Sonar week.
What started with a drunk question, transformed quickly in to raving together, sonar style. All this at a small venue on Ramblas with the sounds from our friend Fernando Costantini, Anthea, Loquace and others alike.

Two guys of them were Niclas & Marcel. They're already friends for a while and met each other on a party in Köln.
Both are passioned by house & techno music and started to DJ a couple of years ago. After numerous party adventures all over their country and beyond, they also started throwing their own parties.

After that wonderful week, we kept in touch and both we, Circo Inferno, as our German friends got inspired by each other.
They've asked us to play on their club night called Nachtisch (what basically stands for desserts - as in ice cream, cake, ...) in Plan B club in Siegen, near Köln. It truly was a magical experience as it was our first international adventure. They welcomed us with such a big heart and above all, the club was fully packed before we even arrived at the party. We've had a wonderful time and basically that's where it's all about, isn't it? To have that magical moment again, we've asked them to play on one of our Café Inferno nights last summer and they also did a little showcase last December at Eenders. Also both of these little gatherings were as magical as the previous ones. One thing is sure, this story isn't over yet!

We've asked Niclas & Schmeck to take care of the 12th episode of our Circo Inferno podcast series and spread a little Nachtisch atmosphere on it.
It's a one hour journey with deep, dubby techno & house music, covered with a warm touch during the cold winter days.

You can listen to it here:

Enjoy the music & share if you care