The concept of Circo Inferno first sprang from our very own resident Tomhas' mind back in 2008. His idea was simply to bring a group of friends from different musical backgrounds, but with the same love for quality underground electronic music, together. In the years following that, we organized a number of events in different locations and at different times, and slowly our little group of friends grew into a close-knit family. Starting September 2011, we began organizing monthly events, where it was key to transform the location into a special place the Circo Inferno family could call home. The concept is groundbreaking in the area of Halle, as it is the only one focusing on this genre of music.

Setting Circo Inferno apart from other party concepts are our distinctive flyers and posters, usually displaying a model covered in pantomime makeup, a theme which returns at our events when the crew and guests wear the very same makeup. To create these unique images, we have our very own photographer, costumer and makeup artist. In order to further develop the brand, we create our own movies, podcasts, photos (and now also our very own website!).

We try to carry out this inimitable style wherever we go: we always make it a point to try and do our own thing. During Circo Inferno events you can count on our giving local talents a chance to shine among larger national and international guests, a broad vision incorporating art with different kinds of multimedia, and a friendly familiar environment. Our parties tend to be a musical trip through the night: typically a deep, slow and warm start which gradually builds up to a harder and more explosive finish.

In short: we at Circo Inferno want to make a difference our own way; to express ourselves through underground music, whilst never forgetting the importance of love, peace and unity.

And for those who are interested: you can always hit us up for help with organizing your very own events or even hire a web designer, photographer, graphic designer, camera man or promo team through us!

Circo inferno

The Circo Inferno parties are big indoor night time events, boasting several resident DJ's but also a number of national and international special guests. The decor is distinguished by the trademark Circo Inferno banner and logo, flying vinyl records and chandeliers. The pantomime make-up worn by not only the crew but also visitors, helps create an atmosphere you will never forget. Afterwards there is a bus service taking you home in a safe manner and you can enjoy an after-movie with interviews once you get home.

Verano Indigo

Circo Inferno's summer event is organized outdoor in the afternoon and moves inside at night. Think: cocktails, barbecues, sun, and especially music! To match the summer atmosphere we have also created a special beach decor creating the sense of spending a daytime party on the beach. Of course the music will be provided by CI residents and by special guests.

Cafe Inferno

On weekdays in July & August, CI invites you to Cafe Inferno: a laid back evening event taking place between 7pm and 1am, targeted at young people from the neighborhood and around. During these events it is our goal to bring local talent into the spotlight.

Circo Inferno Concept Circo Inferno Concept Circo Inferno Concept